Monday, 20 June 2016

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Asus All In One Desktop Et2040iuk-Bb007m (Celeron J1800/2gb Ram/500gb Hdd/Dos)

Here is finally a single solution to home computing requirements in the form of Asus ET2040IUK-BB007M 49.53 cm (19) All in One Desktop with Inbuilt UPS. Slim and stylish, it has a compact size and is ideal for regular computing tasks. For desktop Windows PCs, this is the best choice around with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. You can now purchase this fantastic product at an affordable price on
Asus ET2040IUK-BB007M 49.53 cm (19) All in One Desktop with Inbuilt UPS runs on Intel Pentium J2900 quad core processor and Intel Celeron processor with integrated chipset, lightning fast with high-performance graphics. Whether you are editing photos, adding last touches to HD videos or looking for immersive experiences in the game, this is the device for you. Everyday tasks now become effortless fun. With seamless multitasking, you can switch between multiple apps smoothly. You now have more time to create without much waiting. The graphics Intel HD, fluid and smooth, so that the playback of HD videos and gaming is stutter free and smooth. Do everything quicker with ET2040IUK-BB007M from Asus.

Operating System
The related operating system of this Asus ET2040IUK-BB007M 49.53 cm (19) All in One Desktop with Inbuilt UPS is DOS. This means that you can upgrade to defend operating system as per the individual requirement. It gives full scope to customise your desktop as per the required specifications.

 The storage is 1 TB hard drive with 5400 rpm and 100 GB storage solution available on the cloud. This is free storage related to ASUS WebStorage. Now you can keep everything that you want plenty of games, movies, high-resolution pictures, audio books, e-book, and huge music libraries completely safe on your device.

The screen is bright, clear, and crisp approximately 49.53 cm (19) monitor with LED HD display. This widescreen display has 1366x768 pixel resolution and LED backlight as well. This means you can enjoy extremely sharp contrast and brightness that is instantly on. It has an energy-saving design with vivid, vibrant colours that make movies and pictures come alive. Visual detailing is quite sharp and you will find yourself immersed in the 3-D games.

Connectivity Options
The connectivity is more efficient, faster, and expandable. It has USB 3.0 ultrafast and complete with smart charging. You can recharge different types of USB devices such as your tablets and Smartphone with Asus ET2040IUK-BB007M 49.53 cm (19) All in One Desktop with Inbuilt UPS. The charging is 50% faster in comparison to USB 2.0 with inter device data transfer rates 10 times as fast. Besides this, the USB 3.0 offers compatibility with existing devices that use USB 2.0.


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